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The Short Course

Experience Golf Freedom on The Short Course.

Relax and unwind amidst the lush greens of West Beach Parks Golf Short Course, an American-style haven boasting 15 inviting holes. Picture this: 10 par 3s, ranging from a chipper 98 to a hearty 172 meters, and 5 tempting par 4s, stretching from 197 to 258 meters. The greens? Small and subtly undulating, nestled amidst Kikuyu fairways that just beg you to take a swing.

Clocking in at a manageable 2500 meters, it's the ideal playground for beginners looking to get their feet wet or pros aiming to finesse their short game. And here's the best part: no fuss with bookings, no need to dust off your Sunday best—the Executive course welcomes all, anytime. 

So grab your clubs, soak in the sun, and let's tee off!